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Every association, including ours, thrives on its members. Our contributions to the prevailing educational poverty in India are like a drop in the ocean, but homeopathy is a model: even the smallest amounts carry the potential for promotion.

We welcome your decision to join us, whether in active or passive form. We are also grateful for practical help. Any natural person can become a member.

Our annual membership fee is 12 €.

This amount has been deliberately kept low, so that it is also financially possible for students and students to join us.

The positive energy of our members should enliven our association and help to achieve the educational goals for the school in Omkareshwar. Life experience, knowledge and practical skills are valuable goods! Our board members and members use your helpfulness both practically and financially. This makes it possible to manage the administrative costs sparingly and more donations can be made available to the school.

Forwarding information: Flyer Ananda-Seva IndiaAid e.V.