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Swami Kedarnath (Baba), spiritual director of the Anandamayi Ma Ashram in Indore, founded the school on the island in Omkareshwar together with a team in 2001. This is the only school on the island. Baba recognized the urgent need to provide education for the children of the tribal communities living there. In the future, children should be able to join Indian society as responsible citizens and participate productively in it.

Under modest conditions, three classes were offered in July 2001. In 2022 there are 220 students availing education in classes KG to 8th Standard.

Board member Haripriya in activity – School visit 2016

The school is run by the school board and a group of teachers who spend their lives and time helping these children to reach their potential and lead them along the path of Dharma, the path of righteousness, inspired by the exemplary life and teachings of Anandamayi Ma.

The school does not charge any fees. In addition to free school attendance, children are given clothing as well as a small nutritious meal daily. Furthermore to the school requirements, there are cultural activities such as dance, yoga as well as games and sports. The aim is to meet the educational needs of the children in the best possible way and to make them feel comfortable as a school community. What the parents of these children lack in financial resources, they compensate with their enthusiasm. The initial insecurity of parents to send their children to school instead of begging has now turned into gratitude that free education is being provided with all its benefits.


The school is based exclusively on donations and operates without state support. The Ashram Trust Organisation in Indore and our Association Ananda-Seva Indienhilfe are in close exchange and are both eager to secure the necessary financial resources for the day-to-day needs which are necessary to keep the school running.

The school in Omkareshwar, with its current status of 250 pupils, is under the spiritual direction of Baba, Anandamayi-Ma Ashram, Indore. The coordination between Indore and Omkareshwar is led by Nirmala Singh. The school is run by the non-profit foundation “Om Maa Sri Sri Mata Anandamayi Peeth Trust” in Indore.